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Color-blind teen 'overwhelmed' by co-workers' Secret Santa gift of Enchroma eyeglasses, Ark.) -- A color-blind teenager in Arkansas got the Secret Santa gift of a lifetime this Christmas, courtesy of his co-workers.

Cole Williams, a server at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant, broke down in tears Dec. 23 as he opened a box of Enchroma glasses, which allow him to see colors for the first time.

The eyewear "alleviates red-green colorblindness, enhancing colors without the compromise of color accuracy," according to the company's website.

"It makes it a lot easier for me to match my clothes now when I go to school," he told ABC News. "So, that's a big plus for me."

Chris Fisher, an assistant manager at the Sheridan, Arkansas, Sonic who captured Williams’ opening his gift on video, told ABC Little Rock affiliate KATV-TV that when he learned Williams was color-blind, he asked the staffers whether they wanted to pool their money to get Williams the glasses.

Williams' co-workers then rigged their Secret Santa tradition, with everyone chipping in for his gift.

In the video Fisher posted to Facebook, Williams was so overwhelmed that before he could even try on the glasses, he went around hugging each of his co-workers and thanking them.

"I was very shocked and I was very overwhelmed by all the joy and love I had from all my co-workers," he told ABC News of the glasses that sell on the Enchroma website for at least $349?

Williams said the first thing he noticed when he put the glasses on was "how bright and bold the colors were, especially green."

"Before I got these glasses, I thought it was the most disgusting color on the planet," he said. "Now, I want to say it's one of my favorite colors."

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