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Did I Send That? People Increasingly Texting as They Snooze

Sam Edwards/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Next time you hit the sack, you might want to consider where you place your cellphone before you end up regretting it in the morning.

As sleep specialists point out, more and more people are falling victim to a new phenomenon called sleep texting.  That's when people unknowingly send text messages while they snooze, similar to how some walk or eat while sleeping.

"It doesn't take a lot of motor skills or brain functions to do certain things, so you can literally do them in your sleep," explains sleep specialist Dr. Adam Fisch.

Although medical experts say sleep texting may be a sign of a sleeping disorder, Fisch says that in most cases the biggest issue arises the following morning.

"The harm is the social embarrassment about what you may or may not say," he says.

Sleep texter Christopher Health can relate to the humiliation.

"Sometimes I look at my phone while I'm texting and Im like, 'Did I text that while I'm asleep?'  But I'm not really sure," he says.

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