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DNA kit could give parents a 'glimpse' into their potential baby's characteristics

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- DNA kits, such as those from, give millions of people a peek into their genetic makeup.  Now, a product called BabyGlimpse is using some of that DNA scanning technology to give you a possible preview of what your baby could be like.

BabyGlimpse reveals "the brighter side of personal genomics," according to its website. It claims to allow two potential parents to see the chances that their future child might have, say, light or dark hair, a sweet tooth or certain allergies.

Like other companies' kits, BabyGlimpse has customers supply their saliva for scanning. After the kit is sent away for analysis, an app lets you see -- via pie-chart graphics -- what Mother Nature could have in store for your offspring in terms of appearance, wellness and genetic heritage.

The creators stress that the scan isn't a medical test; it’s merely a "fun and informational" way to see what "unique characteristics and quirks" they could pass on as a parent -- for $99.

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