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Dog with terminal cancer gets ‘married’ on bucket list adventure

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A terminally ill dog named Mr. Molson is embarking on bucket list adventures.

Mr. Molson, a 12-year-old golden retriever, was diagnosed with cancer in March and was given three months to live. Since then, his owners have been spending the time they have left together in a special ways.

"He's right on the three month mark, but he hasn't seemed to have given up yet," Tim Griffin, 36, of Red Lion, Pennsylvania, told ABC News today. "He's very friendly ... he's always the first one to walk up and say hello. Instead of dwelling on the downside of a diagnosis like this, with a bucket list, it's something to look forward to.

"It's letting us have a lot of fun with him and make some good memories before he goes."

Griffin, a dad of two, said Mr. Molson became his pet in 2005, after he was born to another family on a local farm.

In January, Griffin discovered a growth on Mr. Molson's nose, which was later removed. In March, however, the tumor returned and was diagnosed as maxillary fibrosarcoma -- an incurable cancer.

Kristi Meyers, the veterinarian technician who cares for Mr. Molson, suggested that the family start a bucket list for their dog.

"What he has done for Mr. Molson is absolutely moving," said Meyers of the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of York. "My heart just explodes ... it's such an honor to be included in such an amazing tribute to this dog."

Soon, Griffin and his children Chloe, 10, and Elliot, 8, created a list of about 40 items for Mr. Molson.

So far, Mr. Molson has walked in a parade, ate a steak dinner, rode in a police car, rode in a fire truck and swam in the ocean, among other things.

On June 2, Mr. Molson "married" a black Labrador named Josie with family, friends and strangers at York Township Park in York County, Pennsylvania.

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