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EPA & DOE: 'No Radiation Levels of Concern' Detected in the US -- A network of monitors strategically placed around the country to detect radiation levels have not produced results of concern, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The network, called RadNet, is designed to inform scientists in near real-time of elevated levels of radiation, the EPA says.  The U.S Department of Energy also has radiation monitoring equipment at facilities around the country which, the agency says, has not detected radiation levels that should concern Americans.

On Friday, the EPA said that one of the monitoring stations in Sacremento, Calif. detected "minuscule" levels of the radioactive isotope zenon-133, which is consistent with the radiation released from the Fukushima reactors in Japan. 

However, EPA officials say the amount of radiation detected in Sacremento is "one-millionth of the dose rate that a person normally receives from rocks, bricks, the sun and other natural background resources."

The EPA also said in a joint statement with the Department of Energy that this kind of reading is compatible with their expectations in the wake of Japan's tragedy, and should be expected in the coming days.

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