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Fergie Reveals How She Lost the Baby Weight 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Fergie gave birth to her son Axl Jack in August, and now, like a lot of people come January, she’s on a quest to get back into shape.

To keep things fresh, the singer’s workout plan runs the gamut, from the traditional to the exotic.

“I’m mixing it up. I’m doing hikes. I’m doing yoga mixed with belly dancing,” she tells ABC News Radio. “I have this amazing teacher named Dana and we do a lot meditation, then poses for balance, and then at the end we’ll get up and do some belly dancing. It’s just a fun, different thing. I did it while I was pregnant. I really enjoyed it so I’ve kept it through.”

Fergie also works out with rubber resistance bands, but some of her workouts with her trainer include physical therapy. It seems one particular body part of the singer’s has taken a beating after years of onstage antics.

“We’re doing some rehab on my shoulder, because all those years of one-handed walkovers on tour makes my shoulder pop out sometimes,” she laughs. “So I’ve gotta really do rehab to keep that back.”

But what’s making her shoulder issues worse, she says, are certain things that come along with motherhood.

“The breast size got bigger with the pregnancy, and [then] holding my son, so it’s like this mommy shoulder thing that’s going on!” Fergie laughs.

And though being a mother to baby Axl is now a big part of her life, she’s also contemplating a new solo album, which would be her first since her best-selling 2006 disc The Dutchess.

“There’s no timetable…it’s really about it marinating right now,” she tells ABC News Radio. “And when it’s ready, it’ll be ready, and I’m just gonna know it and that’s when it’s gonna be released.”

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