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Fight Hunger With These Five Charities

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for City Harvest(NEW YORK) -- After the holiday gift-giving season passes and spring begins, it’s easy to forget to give to charities that need your help the most.  ABC News identified five food-related charities that are a great way to give back just in time spring.

This blog is part of a virtual event, “Hunger Hits Home,” themed around how we can do more to help fight hunger in our communities.  Join ABC News at this communal table and post the ways you help fight hunger using the Twitter hashtag: #pullupachair

Here are a few charities worth checking out:

1.  City Harvest
Centered around the issue of hunger in New York City, City Harvest was created by citizens upset at how restaurants were throwing away perfectly good food at the end of the night.  The organization collects food from restaurants and grocers and delivers them to food pantries and soup kitchens throughout the city.  If you’re outside of NYC, City Harvest offers tips on how to start one in your area.

2.  Feeding America:    Feeding America fights hunger through a network of food banks and programs around the country.  Their after school kids cafe provides a great way to volunteer to help tutor or select a local food bank in your area to get started.

3.  The Hunger Project:  This organization works in Africa, Asia and South America with the goal that every person leads a “life of self-reliance and dignity” while teaching empowerment and equality.  Check out their information on how to get involved or help from your home with these small computer savvy options.

4. Action Against Hunger:  Committed to ending world hunger, ACF International targets a “range of social, organizational, technical, and resource concerns essential to a community’s well-being.”    Send e-cards to your friends to get involved, donate or host a fundraiser.  The company uses $0.90 per dollar donated for its field programs.

5.  Heifer International Encouraging self-reliance, Heifer International gives families livestock and training to help them create a sustainable income.  The organization encourages recipients to “Pass on the Gift” by giving the offspring of the livestock to other needy families.  Visit a learning center around the country or check online for how you can volunteer.

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