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Florida Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas, Up to Four Times a Day

TLC(NEW YORK) -- Mike and Trina swear by their coffee. He enjoys a "saturated" blend, which is "on the cold side"; she prefers a fine espresso grind that is "warm and thicker."

The St. Petersburg, Fla., couple refuses to drink the caffeinated beverage, which they say is bad for their health.  Instead, they use it as an enema.  They each have at least 100 coffee enemas a month, 6,000 in all since their addiction began two years ago.

"I started the whole debacle," Trina, who did not want to reveal her last name, told ABC News.  "Then it took on a life of its own.  I twice tried to stop and felt worse, so I do this every day and as much as I can.  But it's very time-consuming."

"I love the way it makes me feel," she said.  "It gives me a sense of euphoria."

The couple admits they perform their caffeinated enema at least four times a day. Once, Trina said she did "nine or 10" in a 24-hour period.

Her husband Mike, 45, said he initially thought, "Oh my god, how disgusting," but then he tried it, "and now I am addicted."

TLC may have outdone itself in the fourth season of My Strange Addiction, which always carries the warning "do not attempt" this at home.  The couple heats up the coffee on the stove and injects the liquid into their colons to clean out their lower intestines.

In its premiere of the first of eight new episodes on Feb. 13 at 10 p.m. ET, the show will also highlight Lisa, a middle-aged woman from Detroit who eats cat fur, grooming her pet with her own tongue.  In subsequent episodes, a woman is addicted to bee stings and another one inhales more than 30 jars of vapor rub every week.  In the season finale, a woman is addicted to drinking blood.

As for Mike and Trina, for the past two years they have been "unable to function" without their coffee enema, a ritual that takes five hours of planning and executing each day.

The habit began after Trina had a series of issues with her health.

"I had a lot of stomach problems, digestive problems with my kidney and my liver," she said.  "I started research and it led into coffee enemas and I really started to feel the benefit.  I felt like I was living for the first time in years."

When she stopped the coffee enemas recently, Trina said she ended up the emergency room with kidney stones.  Neither Trina nor her husband had, up until then, visited a doctor in years.  

Caffeine can cause problems with dehydration and high blood pressure.  Her family worries they will have a heart attack.

But will they quit?  "Not a chance," said Mike.

Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, assistant professor of medicine and a gastroenterologist at NYU Medical Center, said she would never recommend coffee enemas.

"There's a down side and really no up side to it," she said.

Sometimes known as Gerson therapy, coffee enemas and other cleansing rituals purport to improve health and even fight cancer -- claims that are false, according to Rajapaksa.

"They claim it's a way of detoxifying and might even be an alternative to cancer treatment," she said.  "There is definitely no evidence and I would hate for someone to forego [proven medical] treatment."

"The bottom line is there is not any beneficial effect and there is some risk associated with any enema and, in particular, using coffee," said Rajapaksa.

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