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Gastric Bypass Kit for Sale on Amazon

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(SEATTLE) -- It's advertised as a gastric bypass kit for sale on and tagged by users as a "do-it-yourself" surgery kit. Family practitioner Doctor Linda Petter is outraged: "Shock. Absolute shock. There's certain information - there's certain equipment  - supplies that definitely should not be sold on the Internet." is an Internet site known more for books, movies, and music, but the gastric bypass kit, listed under surgical supplies, even has reviewers who say, "This kit was easy to figure out." Petter worries it could get into the wrong hands and says "what if someone takes it the wrong way? You're potentially putting your health, your life in jeopardy and that is very very serious." 

The listed seller, "Medplus, Inc.", based out of New Jersey,  insists the kit is legitimate but meant to be used in a medical facility. Dr. Petter warns users to be cautious: "you're on an Internet source where anybody has access to not just licensed medical personnel, so therefore it has the potential to get into hands where it doesn't belong."

The kit retailed for $264. Yes, "retailed," because Amazon took down the listing. Medical experts emphasize any surgical procedure like this should be done only by a professional in a medical environment.

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