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Georgia doctor under fire for allegedly filming music videos in the operating room

iStock/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- A doctor in Georgia is facing backlash from patients who have accused her of using their bodies as props without their permission as she recorded music videos in the operating room.

"To see that video, with my flesh being cut without a straight line -- and [her] dancing while cutting me, that's horrible," Latoyah Archine told ABC News affiliate WSB-TV.

In multiple videos obtained by ABC News, Dr. Windell Boutte, a board-certified dermatologist, and her staff could be seen singing and dancing as she operates on patients as music played in the background. The videos were posted to YouTube but have since been deleted.

As a physician in the state of Georgia, Boutte is allowed to perform surgeries, even in her office-based setting.

According to WSB-TV, Archine identified herself as one of the patients in the videos.

Archine said that she's retained Susan Witt as her lawyer and is planning to take legal action against Boutte for the video and the results of her surgery. Witt is representing several other patients against Boutte.

"I feel disrespected on a lot of levels," said Archine, who also said her body was "disfigured" after the surgery.

"Every day, I think about it 'cause I have to take a bath and put on clothes," she said. "It never goes away."

Boutte continues to treat patients.

WSB-TV had been investigating the story for months and said Boutte is being sued by several patients who said liposuctions and lifts went terribly wrong.

"She is still getting up and going to work every day and making a great deal of money and subjecting patients, who are none the wiser, to her unsafe practices," Witt told WSB-TV regarding Boutte..

ABC News reached out to Boutte's personal attorney as well as her lawyer. Neither responded.

ABC News affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta and WSB-TV investigative journalist Jim Strickland contributed to this story.

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