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Hospital grants dying Danish man's wish for a glass of wine and a cigarette

iStock/Thinkstock(AARHUS, Denmark) -- A 75-year-old man in Denmark was granted his dying wish-- to drink a glass of white wine and smoke a cigarette.

According to a Facebook post last week from Aarhus University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark, doctors told Carsten Flemming Hansen he was too sick for surgery on his stomach and it would be a matter of hours or days before he died of internal bleeding.

When Hansen told nurses his dying wish, the nurses got permission from his family to take him onto a balcony since no smoking is allowed inside the hospital. There he sat watching a sunset, sipping a cool glass of white wine, and smoking a cigarette.

The hospital called it "a dignified death to the hospital" in the Facebook post. The post has been shared nearly 5,000 times and liked by more than 70,000.

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