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How to sneak greens into your children's favorite foods

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Can't find a way to get your children to eat their greens?

Dawn Russell, the creator of the 8Greens, a tablet supplement packed with eight powerful green health foods including kale, spinach, chlorella, blue green algae, spirulina, aloe vera, wheatgrass and barley grass, appeared live on Good Morning America to share her expert tips for how parents can sneak nutrient-dense foods into their children's favorite foods.

Russell is the author of a new cookbook, which she says is simply a collection of recipes that she makes for her family and that they love. In addition, they all contain her 8Greens superfood tablets for added nutrition.

Russell, a mother of two, said she was inspired to re-prioritize her health and learn more about nutrition after she was diagnosed with Stage III lymphatic cancer at the age of 25.

She said that she believes nutrition is the building block to true health.

"The 8Greens Cookbook: The Simple Way to Get Your Greens" is currently available in bookstores nationwide.
Here are four of Russell's simple and kid-friendly recipes that are both delicious and good for your body:

1. Turkey meatballs recipe: Russell said this healthy meatball variation is also a blast to make, especially for little kids.

2. 8Greens red sauce recipe: This is a modified version of one of a red sauce recipe given to Russell by an Italian friend. She says it is one of her 3-year-old son's favorite foods and is perfect with pasta, meatballs and chicken.

3. 8Greens banana bread: This family-favorite recipe that Russell said was given to her by "the cook in a beautiful English castle who is extremely private about her recipes." Adding the dissolved 8Greens tablets can help you feel less guilty about indulging in this delicious sweet loaf.

4. 8Greens brownies, chocolate chip cookies or crepes recipes: While Russell admits that chefs "will growl" at her advocating the use of premade brownie, cookie, or pancake mix, she said this is a good option for busy moms. Adding the 8Greens to the mixes, however, can help give them a nutritional boost without children even suspecting.

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