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How Trisha Yearwood Lost 30 Pounds, Transformed Life

Ethan Miller/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Trisha Yearwood has turned heads with her 30-pound weight loss, and the country music star said she did it by setting realistic goals, planning her meals in advance,  exercising regularly and having the occasional indulgence.

Yearwood’s family -- fellow country music star Garth Brooks and her three children -- are supportive of her efforts, and husband Brooks has lost about 20 pounds, too.

“This is not some crazy fad diet.  It’s a lifelong change,” she said in an interview with People magazine for the issue that hit newsstands on Friday.  “I’ve seen a lot of ‘before and afters’ and this is really a ‘during.’  I’m not done.  I don’t know what my goal weight is, but I’m proud of myself.  I’m really happy where I am.”

Zumba, the Latin-dance inspired workout, is a big part of her fitness regimen.  Yearwood, 48, said she danced her way from a size 14 to a size 10.

“I haven’t been a size 10 since the fifth-grade,” she said.

Finding the right balance has always been a big problem, she said.

“I don’t think you can name one diet I haven’t done.  But I guess a part of me didn’t want to hear that it’s just really hard work,” she said.  “I’d been doing circuit training and Pilates for years, but I was not consistent with food.  I’m not a disciplined person . I was indulging all the time.”

She has now cut her daily caloric intake to about 1,200 calories, and has doubled-up on her exercise.

Yearwood, who hosts the Food Network cooking show Trisha’s Southern Kitchen and has authored several bestselling cookbooks, acknowledges that she doesn’t “have it all figured out.”

“But right now I’m having more days that I win the battle than days I lose,” she said.

Yearwood integrated her diet changes into her lifestyle and has a few simple rules for making it work.  Among them are these guidelines:

  1. Listen to your cravings. If you’re craving something sweet, indulge yourself with a small bite of something satisfying.
  2. Set small goals. Yearwood didn’t announce that she wanted to lose 20 or 30 pounds; she just quietly started eating less and less.
  3. Don’t give up everything all at once. Make food swaps gradually.

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