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Majority of Parents Happy Their Kids Are Heading Back to School

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- While 83 percent of parents with school-age children are glad to have their kids home during the summer, a majority -- 76 percent -- are also happy the kids are now heading back to school, a new survey shows.

The survey conducted by DDB Worldwide, an advertising and marketing network, finds that just 24 percent of parents with kids ages 6-17 are upset that school is starting again.

Additional findings:

  • 44 percent of parents want their children to attend school for more hours each day.
  • 47 percent want their kids to attend school for more months of the year.
  • When asked if they would trade homework for a longer school day, 51 percent of parents would want that.
  • Broken down by gender, 51 percent of dads would advocate a longer school day, compared to just 37 percent of moms.
  • If there was an option for their kids to stay in school for more months of the year, 52 percent of dads and 42 percent of moms would want that.
  • 70 percent of parents think the current amount of homework is the right amount, while 17 percent believe it’s too much and 13 percent believe it’s not enough.

The DDB Worldwide survey involved 6,429 respondents.

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