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Men Suffer Pregnancy Pains in Labor Simulation

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Labor is the type of pain that even makes grown men cry.  

But now, two Dutch television hosts, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno of the show Guinea Pigs, can vouch for the fact that all the screaming isn’t just an act -- giving birth really hurts.

As part of a stunt for their show, Storm and Zeno were hooked up to a machine with electrodes stuck to their abdomens to simulate labor pains.  And just like the real thing, the cramping of the “contractions” got stronger, longer and closer together.

The men say they did it so they could better empathize with women.  But not all women are buying it.

“You can think of this as a very strong Charley horse,” said Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News senior medical contributor.  “Is it as painful as labor?  My opinion would be it isn’t.”

The average labor lasts 12 to 14 hours, but Storm and Zeno only lasted two hours.

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