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Moderate Wine Intake May Lower Risk of Metabolic Disorders

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A new Israeli study shows that moderate intake of red wine may lower the risk of metabolic disorders. 

The study, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, used 224 well-controlled diabetic patients (patients whose diabetes is being well treated) who were followed over a two year period.

They were split into three groups; one group drank white wine, one red wine, and one mineral water at dinner every night.  Each group also adhered to a Mediterranean diet (high in fish, nuts, olive oil). 

The study showed that the group of red wine drinkers had an increase in HDL, or “good cholesterol.” 

Both wine groups had an improvement in total blood sugar control, but white wine drinkers saw a greater decrease in their blood sugar number in the mornings, after fasting overnight.

Although this study showed improvement in a few markers for cardio-metabolic disease, there were pitfalls.  Because the group was made up of already well controlled diabetics, it is difficult to know whether or not alcohol truly improves glycemic control in all diabetics. 

Also, equal amounts of alcohol were given to men and women even though it is know that each sex metabolizes alcohol in different ways.

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