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Morning-After Pill May Not Work for Women Over 176 Pounds

BananaStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A European manufacturer of the morning-after pill Norlevo is undergoing a label change, explaining that the drug does not work for women who weigh over 176 pounds. In addition, the pill's effectiveness decreases for women over 165 pounds.

While Norlevo isn't sold in the United States, there are three versions of the same morning-after pill sold in the U.S. -- Plab B One Step, My Way, and the generic version Next Choice One-Dose. All are said to be chemically identical to its European equivalent.

The label change was made after research by the drug's manufacturer.

Actavis, the company manufacturing the generic version of the pill in the United States, tells ABC News they would change their labeling only in the event the brand-name pill makes the switch. Under current federal law and FDA regulation, the labeling must remain identical to the brand, according to a statement.

"Actavis Next Choice One Dose is approved by the FDA as a safe, effective and therapeutically equivalent treatment option to its brand counterpart, Plan B One Step," the company said.

The manufacturer of Plan B One Step in the United States confirmed ongoing conversations with the FDA. Teva Pharma also confirms that the active ingredient in the European version, 1.5 mg of Levonorgestrel, is the same in the U.S. version.

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