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New Warnings About Drinking and Liver Disease

Ron Chapple Stock/Thinkstock(HOUSTON) -- A physician warns that certain drinkers who aren't alcoholics also have to worry about contracting liver disease.

Dr. Howard Monsour, chief of hepatology at Houston Methodist Hospital, says that women who imbibe may be more susceptible to cirrhosis of the liver than men because they're smaller and retain less body water.

"One drink for a woman has about twice the effect as it does for the same amount consumed by a man," according to doctor. The more a woman drinks, the harder it is to produce proteins and enzymes in the liver that get rid of toxins like alcohol.

Furthermore, Monsour contends that if someone is genetically predisposed to liver disease, they should either greatly curtail their alcohol consumption or give up drinking all together.

Since 20 to 30 percent of people are predisposed to cirrhosis, which scars the liver and prevents it from functioning properly, Monsour recommends that everyone learn if they have a family history of the disease.

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