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Police, strangers fix 95-year-old's air conditioner after Texas heat prompts him to dial 911

Jennifer and Christopher Weir (FORT WORTH, Texas) -- Police and strangers came to an elderly man's rescue last week after he dialed 911 to report his broken air conditioning unit.

On June 8, the Fort Worth, Texas, Police Department answered a call from 95-year-old Julius Hatley, who said his central air had stopped working in the 90-degree heat.

"I know we're not A/C repair people, but we got done with one call and went straight there," Officer Christopher Weir told ABC News Tuesday. "I started sweating immediately, as soon as I got there. [Hatley] said he woke up in sweat and didn't know what to do, so he called us."

Weir, 31, and his partner, Officer William Margolis, drove to a local Home Depot to purchase a window A/C for Hatley out of their own pockets. When they arrived, the store's managers insisted on contributing $150 toward the unit.

Weir and his colleagues then installed the unit in Hatley's house until they could figure out how to pay someone to repair his central air.

"He was grateful," Weir said. "His smile is infectious and he's a World War II vet and he shouldn't have to be with no A/C. Once in a while, we see people where we can do something that makes them feel better and it makes us feel better too."

Hatley's story aired on the local news in Fort Worth. Watching was Matt Ketchum, owner of the Lone Star Refrigeration company based in Red Oak, Texas.

"In the story, they were trying to figure out how to get the [central] air fixed," Ketchum told ABC News. "I called the Fort Worth Police Department that night telling them we'll donate our time and materials."

"My brother is law enforcement as well," he added. "My employees are veterans. Something clicked to have me help."

Ketchum repaired Hatley's central air system free of charge.

Hatley was appreciative of the kindness shown toward him over the two days, Ketchum said.

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