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Quintuplets spread 'Quintmas' cheer with adorable Christmas photos

Briana Driskell(VERSAILLES, Ky.) -- Quintuplets in Kentucky will be celebrating their first “Quintmas” with a Christmas photo shoot that shows their remarkable recovery from a premature birth.

Zoey Hart, Asher Blaze, Dakota Faith, Gavin Lane and Hollyn Grace Driskell, now 6-months-old, each weighed less than three pounds when they were born at 28 weeks in May.

Their mom, Briana Driskell, underwent a C-section that she said at one point put her in danger of losing her life, too.

“We found out on the same day that we were pregnant and there were five babies with healthy heartbeats,” said Driskell, 30, who received fertility treatments for more than a year.

"The doctor strongly urged us to do selective reduction or terminate the pregnancy because he said the probability of us being able to have a healthy pregnancy and five healthy babies was slim to none," she said. "That was not even an option for us."

Driskell was placed on hospital bed rest 22 weeks into her pregnancy.

She and her husband, Jordan Driskell, 26, were finally able to bring all five babies home from the hospital in July, nearly two months after they were born, which was still before Briana Driskell’s original due date.

Now the family is swept up in near-constant diaper changes, feedings and play. The Driskells estimate they go through nearly 70 diapers and 35 bottles a day, and spend more than $1,000 per month on formula alone.

“As soon as I get home it’s full-throttle, feed a baby, change a baby, immediately feed a baby,” said Jordan Driskell, who works as a painter. “As soon as you feed all five, you have to wash the bottles and then start feeding again.”

As the quintuplets’ first holiday approached, Briana Driskell said she knew immediately she wanted to do something special for the family’s first Christmas card.

“I’ve been wanting a family for so long that I’m beyond excited to be able to send Christmas cards this year with my own babies,” she said.

Briana Driskell hand made the babies’ onesies that feature sayings ranging from “I’m the angel” to “I was naughty.”

When asked if each baby was dressed in the onesie based on his or her temperament, she replied, “Oh yes.”

“We saw the different personalities from day one,” she said. “It was amazing how quickly they each developed their own personality.”

The family plans to sign their Christmas cards this year with a note that reads, "Merry Quintmas."

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