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Secret to a Happy Marriage: 2 Vacations per Year, 1 Argument Per Week

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Getting away on vacation twice a year isn’t just good for your mental health; it’s also good for your marriage.  A new survey of 2,000 happily married couples in the U.K. has uncovered what appear to be the secrets to a successful future together.

Getting away on vacation twice a year was cited as one of the key ingredients in a happy marriage.  Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they like to get away because it helps remind them of why they love each other so much. Fifty-five percent say they are more likely to make time for each other while on vacation than at any other time of the year.  Having a healthy argument once a week was also considered an important component of a healthy relationship.

Additional survey findings:

  •     47 percent of respondents say they were friends with a partner before they became an item, and then eventually married.
  •     21 percent say one key to a happy marriage is turning a blind eye to their partner’s annoying habits.
  •     33 percent say it's important to know when to say you’re sorry.
  •     35 percent of respondents say they're happy in their marriage because they share the household chores equally.
  •     Compromising on what TV shows you watch also plays a part in a happy marriage.

Here's a breakdown of what survey respondents say are important ingredients in a happy marriage:

  •     Vacations, twice a year.
  •     Short breaks, twice a year.
  •     Say “I love you,” nine times every two weeks.
  •     Kiss, six times a week.
  •     Cuddle, 11 times every two weeks.
  •     Have sex, two times a week.
  •     Deep and meaningful conversation, two times a week.
  •     Dinner out, three times a month.
  •     Drinks out, three times a month.
  •     Healthy argument, once a week.
  •     Boys/girls’ night out without partner, twice a month.
  •     Surprise romantic gesture, three times a month.
  •     Movie night at home, five times a month.

The survey was commissioned by Headwater Holidays, a travel firm.

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