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Seven Minutes of Exercise a Day Can Keep a Kid A-Okay

Ezra Shaw/Digital Vision/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- All it takes is seven minutes a day for your kid to get fit, or so says a new study by Canadian researchers.

Scientists at Manitoba Institute of Child Health believe that a child who takes part in rigorous activity for as little as seven minutes will get more than from an hour of moderate or low intensity exercise.

Study author Jonathan McGavock adds that the benefits are there, regardless of a youngster's diet.

Why is less more in this case?

McGavock explains, “There are certain enzymes in the body that tend to be preferentially activated with higher intensity exercise and we believe that there is a positive effect there.  We also think that it may be related to how higher intensity exercise affects your metabolism following the exercise session."

Researchers also think that the same regimen can be true for adults.  McGavock emphasizes that seven minutes is the minimum and that people can and should certainly extend their high intensity workout if possible.

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