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Skate Your Way to Better Health

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Skating, whether it's ice hockey or figure skating, is a great muscular and cardiovascular workout.

It engages your glutes, your core and your thighs, not to mention your arms, which help you maintain stability.  It also provides a really enjoyable way to burn calories and rev your metabolism.

Other benefits of skating include providing a total body workout by providing good cardiovascular exercise, burning calories, improving balance and it's great as a group or solo activity.

There are some basic precautions that you might consider, however, if you are new to the sport.  Using a helmet and wrist guards can be a good idea for beginners of any age. 

Taking some lessons is another way to build some basic skills before you start to practice on your own. You could also practice during off-hours when the rick is not as busy. And if you take any blood thinning medication or are pregnant, skating may not be a good idea.

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