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Study: Infants Who Cry a Lot Tend to Have Behavioral Problems in Childhood

John Foxx/Thinkstock(BASEL, Switzerland) -- Babies are supposed to cry.  After all, that's how they communicate.  Newborns cry to announce their arrival in the world.  They cry to let you know they are hungry, wet, tired or don't feel well.

But constant crying just might be a harbinger of problems later on.

Researchers in Switzerland reviewed 22 studies conducted over 20 years (1987-2006) on the link between problems with crying, sleeping and feeding during infancy and behavioral problems in childhood.

As expected, they found that young babies who cried a lot or had trouble sleeping or feeding were more likely to develop problems such as ADHD, anxiety, temper tantrums and depression in childhood.

Infants who had two or more of these issues ran an even higher risk of developing problems as children.

But just because a baby is a little fussy or colicky does not automatically mean he or she will develop behavioral issues.

Experts recommend that parents generally pay close attention to their infants and try a variety of ways to comfort them.

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