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Eating Habits: What’s Changed Since the 1970s?

Thinkstock Images/Getty Images(CHAPEL HILL, N.C.) -- By analyzing three separate food and nutrition surveys, the authors of a study published in the Public Library of Science Medicine looked at how the eating habits of Americans have changed over the past three decades.  Overall, Americans now eat about 570 calories more per day than they did in the late 1970s -- 2,374 calories compared to the previous 1,803.  

Most of the increase seems to be due to an increased number of daily eating occasions as well as an increase in portion sizes.  

Although it’s likely that the exact calorie values reported here are somewhat inaccurate since people may over- or under-report the amount of food they consume, the authors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill still argue that their findings suggest that efforts to prevent obesity in U.S. adults should focus on reducing the number of meals and snacks people consume during the day as well as reducing portion sizes.

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