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Look Years Younger Without Surgery?

ABC(NEW YORK) -- The hottest new trend taking the beauty world by storm is AcuFacial, a non-surgical alternative that advocates say turns back the clock on aging.

The process involves strategically placing tiny needles on the body and face. Clients can actually come away looking five to 10 years younger, Shellie Goldstein, a New York area acupuncturist, told ABC’s Good Morning America in an interview that aired Monday.

“We are taking your face to the gym, we’re exercising it,” Goldstein said. “We have muscles in our body, we have muscles in our face, there is no other procedure that actually exercises the muscles and improves circulation in your skin.”

While experts say there is no scientific backing for the procedure, people are still choosing the process. AcuFacial works with the energy of the body to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve muscle tone and “give you a beautiful overall glow and complexion,” Goldstein said.

Acupuncture is an alternative system of medicine that has its roots in Ancient China.  Sterile stainless steel needles are inserted into the patient’s acupuncture points, over 600 of which exist in the human body.  The acupuncture points are specific points located along a patient’s Meridians, or channels of energy.  Each Meridian is associated with a particular organ, tissue, element and emotion, according to information provided by Gabrielle Francis, owner of The Herban Alchemist in New York City.

The particular point combination in an AcuFacial treatment is determined after reviewing the patient’s history and evaluating his or her pulses and tongue.

The initial visit for an AcuFacial treatment takes up two hours and includes a physical exam.  Follow up treatments take one hour and range from twice per week for weeks for the most aggressive treatment plan, to once a week for one month for milder cases.

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