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Bad Airline Food? Blame the Plane's Engines

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(MANCHESTER, England) -- A team of scientists has come up with a reason why we hate airline food so much: the noise of the plane's engines.  According to researchers at the consumer product manufacturer Unilever and the University of Manchester, the annoyingly loud background noise from the airplane's engines disturb our senses and make us enjoy our food that much less.

You can't rule out the low cost of the food and environmental factors such as air pressure and the dryness of the air, researcher Andy Woods told ABC News.  But even so, noise levels still have an impact on our enjoyment or dislike of food.

"If you can any way reduce the noise, you will make the whole experience better," said Woods, who suggests passengers wear noise-canceling headphones.

The researchers fed 48 blindfolded participants a variety of foods from biscuits to rice crackers to cheddar cheese.  At the same time, headphones either canceled out noise or provided various levels of white noise.  The subjects then rated the intensity of the flavors and how much they liked or didn't like them.

The results showed that the higher the noise level, the less the participants tasted salty or sweet flavors.  Their sensitivity to the crunchiness of their food was also amplified.

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