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'Apple-Shaped' Obesity Not Appealing to Your Heart

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(CAMBRIDGE, England) -- There's general obesity, in which you call someone obese based on their body mass index, and then there's apple- or pear-shaped obesity, based on their waist and hip circumference. 

So, which one is a better indicator of predicting heart attacks or strokes?

An international study from the University of Cambridge reviewed 220,000 individual records from 17 countries and monitored the occurrence of heart attacks or strokes based on body mass index versus waist-hip circumference.

The study found that people with “apple-shaped” obesity were at a slightly higher risk of developing heart attacks or strokes compared to people with general obesity as assessed by their BMI. 

However, when adjusted for factors like smoking and diabetes, both general-and apple-shaped obesity contributed equally to the risk of heart attacks.

Bottom line: Obesity, whether apple-shaped, pear-shaped or general, is generally associated with heart attacks.

The study will be published in the Lancet.

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