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Women Prefer Smell of Shaved Pits on Men: Study

Pixland/Thinkstock(PRAGUE) -- Women prefer the smell of a man's shaved armpit over one that's oozing hair, according to researchers in the Czech Republic.

Scientists at Charles University in Prague, whose specialty is learning about the smell of human attraction, have learned that women find the odor of bare male armpits more pleasurable than those that have about six-to-ten weeks of growth.

However, head researcher Jan Havlicek admits that the difference is likely negligible since women couldn't tell much difference from armpit hair that had only been growing for a week compared to ten weeks of an unshaved pit.

Next up: Finding out if men feel the way about women's shaved and unshaved armpits. Havlicek admits getting females to participate will probably be tougher.

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