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Relationships: Ten Things Men Should Know About Women

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- If you're a man who hasn't figured out what makes a woman tick, you may want to heed the advice of Astroglide.

The lubricant brand has released a list of "10 Things to Know About Women" -- advice for single men, fiancés or new husbands. Some of the tips were provided by Astroglide's Twitter followers:

Here are the "10 Things to Know About Women," according to Astroglide:

  1. They want you to have your own place. If you want to be engaged but are still living at home, then you need to make some changes!
  2. Women like a man to be assertive without being a jerk. They need someone to stand up for them as an equal partner.
  3. They pay attention to what you wear and how you wear it. Backwards baseball caps, tight muscle shirts and saggy pants are out. Don't even try the black socks and sandals routine.
  4. Women don't typically want to talk with their current man about the number or certainly not the "size" of any of their past partners. Some topics are simply off limits.
  5. They like genuine questions that show their man truly cares about their well-being. Ask them about their job, friendships, and other issues and then just listen.
  6. Many women enjoy concert or dancing dates so they can see how their date's dance moves might transfer to the bedroom.
  7. Married women often need some quiet time after the kids go to bed. You don't have to talk, just let her enjoy 15 minutes of peace.
  8. Some women prefer text messages to phone calls early in a relationship.
  9. A little playful roughness is good in bed, so don't be afraid to hold on tight or move a little harder.
  10. Married women still want to feel desired, so be sure to give sincere compliments and remind her how spicy she is every day!

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