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Study: Prolonged Bottle Feeding Increases Risk of Obesity

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(PHILADELPHIA) -- Continuing to bottle feed your children when they are toddlers could increase their chances of becoming obese as they get older, according to a new study released in The Journal of Pediatrics Thursday.

Researchers at Temple University analyzed data from almost 7,000 children and found that kids who still took a bottle when they were two years old were 33 percent more likely to be obese when they were 5.5 years old compared to kids who were no longer taking a bottle, even if only at night.

The study's authors concluded that prolonged bottle use and/or putting a child to bed with a bottle may lead to the child consuming too many calories.  This may be particularly true in cases where parents are using the bottle to comfort the child rather than to address the child’s hunger or nutritional needs.

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