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Facebook Makes Breaking Up Much Harder to Do

LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Have you checked in on what your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is up to on Facebook before?  Well, it turns out you're not alone.

Just about everybody involved in a break-up has looked into the activities of their former significant other, according to a Master thesis written by Western University researcher Veronika Lukacs.

In her study entitled “It’s Complicated: Romantic breakups and their aftermath on Facebook,” Lukacs found that 88 percent of the respondents admitted to creeping on their exes.

But the post-relationship stalking doesn’t stop there.  Close to 75 percent say they also take a gander at the Facebook pages of their exes’ new squeezes.

This obsessive behavior apparently includes other forms of creeping, as seven in ten will use a mutual friend’s profile or log in as a mutual friend to creep on a former boyfriend or girlfriend.

Close to two-thirds acknowledge reading or analyzing old messages, while half are upset enough to delete photos of their ex from their Facebook profiles.

Just over 30 percent will post pictures to try and make their exes jealous, and a third cop to posting a song lyric or quote about their old love interest as their status.

Ultimately, only 8 percent of creepers stay friends with their exes on the social networking site.

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Advice Guru Liz Pryor: Ending a Dead-End Relationship

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- You're dating someone, you're having doubts, that lovin' feeling has worn off and you feel stuck in the relationship.

The relationship is familiar and easy, and you don't like change. You feel torn and confused, but the signs are all there.

Here's the truth: getting out of a long-term or even in intense, short-term relationship is never fun.

That said, whether we like it or not, knowing that the love has faded and hesitating to address it only avoids the inevitable.

The waiting and pondering we do when a relationship has stalled is simply stall time.

If we're aware of the stall time but decide we need it, we can accept it and pick a date for ending the relationship.

If we're unaware, and we need a slap of reality, take this opportunity to consider the importance of moving on in your life.

Bite the bullet. Get out of your head, and end the relationship, so that you can begin to move forward and find what it is you need to feel complete and fill your heart.

But how do you know if ending the relationship is the right thing to do?

Take a day to go somewhere and be by yourself. Go over everything in your mind. Take yourself from the beginning when there was greatness, all the way to where it has landed.

If there is one thing that never lies, it is our intuition. Questioning your intuition is like playing with fire. Don't do it. Listen to it, and make your move.

The unfortunate news is that there is no easy out of a relationship.

The burden of leaving a relationship is entirely on us. We can reach out and look around and ponder and discuss, but in the end, we have to belly up, say the words and live through the process.

It's seldom easy, but finding what makes us the most happy in life is not known to be easy.

Moving on is simple. What it leaves behind is what is difficult.

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