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The Killer Effect of a Super Bowl Loss

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Is there such a thing as taking football too seriously?  A new study published in the journal Clinical Cardiology may put diehard fans in fear of their lives.

It finds that if your home team makes it to the Super Bowl and then loses, the stress can kill you.

The authors say that in the two weeks after the Los Angeles Rams lost to the Steelers in Super Bowl 14, death rates among Los Angelenos went up, particularly among those over the age of 65, an extra 2.6 deaths per day among the older population over 14 days.  

In the two weeks after the Los Angeles Raiders won Super Bowl 18, there was no increase in L.A. death rates, and there was even a trend to lower death rates among women and those 65 and older.  

So it seems not all sports-related stress is equal.  A home team's loss can be more than just disappointing.  On the other hand, that healthy glow from a win can spread beyond the gridiron.  

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