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New Warning About Kids Getting CT Scans

Hemera Technologies/Thinkstock(CINCINNATI) -- Radiologists should take more care when youngsters come into emergency rooms for computed tomography, better known as CT scans, according to a new study.

That's because these kids are often exposed to radiation doses meant for adults, which can boost their chances of developing cancer later in life.

As it happens, children were five times more likely to get a CT scan in 2008 than 1995, during which time the numbers have soared from 330,000 to 1.65 million.

CT scans are usually administered for head injuries, abdominal pain and headache.  Due to improvements in technology, scans for abdominal pain shot up 21 percent over a four-year period.

According to the study by researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, CT scans in youngsters should be monitored carefully so that doses are adjusted properly to their smaller physique.

In some instances, ultrasounds, which are safer, may be substituted for CT scans, usually in cases of diagnosing appendicitis.

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