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Children Sickened After Eating Medical Marijuana Cookies

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(VALLEJO, Calif.) -- Children in California and Illinois have become ill in the last several weeks after eating cookies and brownies made with marijuana.

In the most recent case, several elementary school students from Vallejo, California, got sick after eating marijuana-laced cookies given to one of them by a convenience store clerk.  The cookies were made by a Colorado company that says they are legal because they are sold for medical purposes.  The kids likely didn't know the cookies contained the drug; the students shared the cookies during lunch and reported feeling nauseated about half an hour later.

According to the school district, the children have been released from the hospital and are doing well.

"It's unclear if any of the children knew the cookies contained cannabis," police Sgt. Jeff Bassett said in a press release.  "The packages are not clearly marked."

Police are still trying to find the person who gave the cookies to the store clerk.

At least one state is now considering action against these marijuana edibles.  According to local media reports, Rep. Cindy Acree, a Republican state legislator from Colorado, has proposed a ban on the sale of any food or drink containing marijuana, even if it has clearance for medical use.  The bill is currently under debate.  Acree said she is considering amendments to the bill that would permit the sale of edibles, but impose strict labeling, packaging and marketing regulations.

Experts say that situations like these show that medical marijuana is an issue that's still evolving, and many facets of it pose challenges to lawmakers, the public and the marijuana business, including how to regulate it appropriately where it is legal.

People on both sides of the issue agree it's essential to make sure marijuana stays out of the hands of children, although many advocates of medical marijuana think if a child needs it for medical reasons, it should be available.

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