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Americans Who Cook More Exercise Less

Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- According to a new study, Americans who cook more frequently also exercise less.

The study, presented at a Population Association of America Meeting, found that for every ten additional minutes that the average American spends preparing food, that person was less likely to spend ten extra minutes exercising each day. The researchers in the study speculate that one reason their findings may be true is due to a lack of free time -- the average American spends less than 60 minutes combined on exercise and food preparation each day.

The study looked at one day's worth of data from more than 100,000 adults. The study suggests that instead of simply being told to eat better and exercise, Americans should be advised on time management for healthy behaviors.

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Study Ranks Most Dangerous Vegetables

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Knife in hand, you shoot a puzzled glance at the butternut squash sitting on the cutting board, unsure of where to begin. You’re not alone. A new study in the U.K. found that 88 percent of people injure themselves in the kitchen and over half of them do it while preparing vegetables.

In honor of National Safety Week, Just Eat surveyed over 2,000 of its customers to find the top five most dangerous vegetables to prep.  Here’s what topped the list:

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Swede (rutabaga)
  3. Butternut Squash
  4. Turnip
  5. Jerusalem Artichoke

Thirty-nine percent of people said they injured themselves because the vegetable was difficult to cut.

“The kitchen is where some of the most serious home accidents occur and cuts are among the most common types of injury to happen, with tens of thousands of people attending A&E as a result each year,” said Sheila Merrill, a public health adviser for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in a statement.

“Good preparation is crucial when it comes to preventing kitchen accidents such as severe cuts, so make sure your knives are sharp and in a good condition, use a vegetable peeler where appropriate and do not rush chopping. Keep knives out of the reach of children and, if you’re involving young children in food preparation, supervise them at all times and help them to develop good skills in the kitchen,” she continued.

Just-Eat UK managing director David Buttress said, “Our research shows that cooking at home can be a dangerous game.  When it comes to food preparation, it’s the usual suspects that crop up time and time again… If it’s a choice between laying down the potato peeler for a night and a trip to the hospital waiting room – I know which I’d choose!”

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Majority of Women Admit Their Husbands are Better Cooks

iStockPhoto/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Husbands can cook and a majority of wives admit it.  A survey of 2,806 American women commissioned by Asia Food Recipe reveals 58 percent of respondents believe their husbands are better cooks.

The most-cited reason for women not cooking was “having a partner who does most of the cooking.”  Other popular reasons for women not cooking include “not having sufficient time” and “not wanting to clean up afterwards.”

The survey also shows that while 78 percent of women enjoy cooking, most were only able to cook six dishes from memory, without referring to a recipe.  Eleven percent admit they cannot cook more than three meals without turning to a recipe book or seeking assistance.

Eleven percent of the women surveyed admitted they have never prepared roasted meat, and five percent confessed that they have trouble cooking omelets or boiling eggs.

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