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Is Your Powered Toothbrush a Choking Hazard?

FDA(WASHINGTON) -- The FDA issued a warning Thursday that the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush electric toothbrush may present a choking hazard, especially to children.

“Reports indicated that while turned on, the brush head has either ‘popped off’ or broken off in the user’s mouth or near the face, causing cuts to the mouth and gums, chipped or broken teeth, swallowing and choking on the broken pieces, and injuries to the face and eyes,” the FDA said.

Church & Dwight, the company that manufactures the Arm & Hammer toothbrushes, issued a safety notice encouraging users to inspect their brush heads for loose parts and to always replace them after three months.

The company began adding “color-wear” bristles in December of last year to help give users a reminder of when to change the brush head.

The toothbrush was sold as the Crest Spinbrush until 2009.

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