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Vitamin A Could Save Children in Developing Countries

Paul Tearle/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- British and Pakistani researchers say thousands of children in developing nations could be saved if given vitamin A supplements, BBC reports.

An analysis of over 40 studies which included 200,000 children found that death rates were cut by as much as 24 percent for children who were given the vitamin supplement.  Cases of measles and diarrhea could also be reduced, according to BBC News.

Vitamin A, found in foods such as oily fish, cheese and eggs, is vital to the immune and visual systems.

According to the World Health Organization, it's possible that nearly 190 million children under age 5 have a vitamin A deficiency.  That said, researchers on the study say laws should be enacted that would provide the supplements to every child at risk, BBC reports.

The researchers calculate that more than 600,000 lives could be save each year if given the vitamin A supplement.

The findings of the analysis are published in the British Medical Journal.

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