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Women Turn to Eyebrow Transplants to Improve Brow Fullness

John Slater/Digital Vision/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- When it comes to eyebrows, thin is no longer in.  But if you’ve been waxing and plucking for years, you may find that your eyebrow hair just won’t grow back.

Some people with that problem are turning to eyebrow transplants.

Take Pamela Penrose, for instance.  For 10 years, she watched as bald spots appeared in her eyebrows.  She was constantly filling them in with a pencil hoping for a better look.

“It’s a little embarrassing and it affects my self-esteem,” Penrose told ABC's Good Morning America.

Penrose turned to Dr. Sanusi Umar for an eyebrow transplant.  Doctors used to transplant head hairs, but Umar pioneered a way to harvest hair from a woman’s arms, legs or nape of the neck.

Hair from those areas “much more resembles the natural eyebrow,” Umar, of Derm Hair Clinic in Los Angeles and Redondo Beach, Calif., told GMA.

“It’s slow to grow, small in appearance and much more resembles the natural eyebrow,” he said.

It’s painstaking work.  Each hair is transplanted individually, and the entire procedure lasts about two-and-a-half hours.

GMA went back to visit Penrose three weeks after she had the transplant.

“My eyebrows look a lot larger and thicker and exactly what I wanted,” she said, adding: “I feel like a totally different person.  I feel much more confident.”

Eyebrow implants are not cheap -- they cost between $6,000 and $8,000, depending on how much hair needs to be replaced.  But there is another alternative that women can consider first: Rogaine.

Rogaine is the anti-balding medication used mostly by men, but there is a women’s version.  Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist, said her patients have had good luck getting eyebrow hair to grow in fuller using it.

But be careful how you apply it.  If you get the treatment on other parts of your face, you could end up growing unwanted hair there.

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Eyebrows 101: 6 Tips to Get the Perfect Brows

Ralf Nau/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Eyebrows are the new focal point for the face. The trend right now in the brow world is “big is beautiful,” so we asked expert Damone Roberts, aka “the Eyebrow King,” for his best brow advice.

Roberts, who has salons in Los Angeles and New York and has plucked and shaped for A-listers like Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and even Robert Downey Jr., said there are common mistakes he sees over and over again.

Read Roberts’ do’s and don’ts below before you reach for the tweezers:

  1. Put down the tweezers.  Overplucking can really minimize the power of the brow. As you age your eyebrows tend to thin out. So be especially careful as you hit the big 4-0! One idea is to avoid tweezing for three to six months and then go get your brows sculpted. Take a picture of what they look like and try to match the look without overplucking.
  2. Be mindful not to tweeze the interior of your eyebrows too much. “Eyebrows that are too far apart — overplucked in the middle — make the bridge of the nose look a little wider and it makes the whole nose look a lot wider,” Roberts says. “That also has the effect of making the eyes look smaller and the face rounder.”
  3. It’s OK if the interior parts of the eyebrows are a little feathery, Roberts says. In the past, people wanted that dramatic line like Bette Davis, but now the more natural gradual in interior is in.
  4. Symmetry is crucial. You want both brows to look alike. Similar arch, similar start and end points and similar thickness are keys to symmetry.
  5. You probably have more hair than you think. Especially if you have lighter coloration for some of your hair. A good gel, plus brow powder can bring the finer, lighter hairs at the end of your brow into prominence.
  6. The shape of your face determines the shape of your brows.  In an interview Roberts did with Essence magazine he explains it like this: “A rounder face should have a higher arch to add length to facial structure. A square-shaped face should have rounder brows to soften facial features. An oval face can carry an eyebrow that is not too defined and not too round but right in between. Lastly, a heart-shaped face should have a straighter brow to lessen the length of the face.”

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