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Doctors Perform Life-Saving Surgery on Texas Baby

Photo Courtesy - WFAA-TV Dallas/Fort Worth(FORT WORTH, Texas) -- Doctors at Fort Worth's Cook Children's Medical Center have performed a series of operations on a baby which experts say saved the child's life by removing a tumor in his neck that would have killed him seconds after his birth. 

The tumor was discovered about five months into his mother's pregnancy.  It was growing under the baby's skin, from his neck up to his skull, and blocking his airway.  Doctors did surgery while baby Benjamin was still connected to the placenta, to begin creating an artificial airway.  Claudia Alonso knew she might never see her baby alive and she says she was scared.  "What if something happens to him and I don't get to see him?"

But that didn't happen.  Two more surgeries later and baby Benjamin is growing fast.  He has one more surgery to go but doctors say once the operations are behind him, Benjamin will grow up to look like any other little boy.

And his mother says she knows what she will say to him if he asks about his swollen face in his baby pictures.  She says she'll tell him "He's a miracle baby."

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