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Study: Children Playing with Gaming Devices Experience Finger, Wrist Pain

ABC News(ST. LOUIS, Mo.) -- A new study shows that youngsters who spend a lot of time with handheld gaming devices tend to have wrist and finger pain.

The study was conducted on 257 students at two schools in St. Louis. The nine-to-15-year-olds who played with their Xbox or Gameboy tended to have more wrist and finger pain than their mobile phone-using counterparts.

The research was conducted to determine when children should be allowed to start using gaming devices and smartphones.

"Our study has shown the negative impact that playing computer games and using mobile phones can have on the joints of young children, raising concerns about the health impact of modern technology later in life," Yusuf Yazici, a professor of rheumatology at New York University Hospital, says in a news release. "We hope that further research in this area will shed light on what could be a serious health concern for today’s gaming children in later life."

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Nintendo: 3D Game Player Not for Pre-Schoolers

Photo Courtesy - Nintendo(KYOTO, Japan) – Japanese gaming company Nintendo has warned that a new 3D video game player could permanently damage the eyesight of those under age six whose eyes are still developing, reports MedPage Today.

The portable 3D player, 3DS, will be introduced starting in late February. In their warning, Nintendo cited "a potential impact on the growth of children's eyes” when using the device in 3D.

Nintendo suggests that the device be switched to a 2D mode when used by children under six years old.

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