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New Shoes Will Help Track Lost Alzheimer Patients

GTX Corp(LOS ANGELES) -- Too often these days, there are stories of elderly people with Alzheimer's disease wandering off and getting lost.  At times, the situation ends tragically.

Despite their best efforts, caregivers can't always be around to protect their loved ones with dementia.  But a company may have come up with a way for people to keep track of the elderly.

Shoe maker GTX will soon debut Smart Shoes for people with Alzheimer's that have GPS devices embedded in their footwear.

CEO Patrick Bertagna says the shoe is a variation of footwear that has been available to parents with children for the past decade.

Andrew Carle, a professor at George Mason University who was an adviser on the project, says if an Alzheimer's patient breaks the "geo fence," a message immediately pops up on a phone or computer, giving the owner a heads-up on where the lost person may be headed.

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