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Change in Income Could Mean Temporary Loss of Health Coverage

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) - People whose income changes throughout the year could see temporary blackouts in their insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, reports HealthDay News.

A new study published in Health Affairs estimates that as many as 28 million Americans will see their health coverage disrupted at some point in the year due to changes in their eligibility that come with changes in their income. That could mean that an individual would move in and out of periods of coverage, possibly more than once a year.

The loss of coverage would occur during transitional periods from program to program. Under the Affordable Care Act, an American can either be part of Medicaid or premium subsidies in state-run insurance exchanges, depending on their income. If a change in income moves someone from one program to the other, they are likely to lose coverage for a short period during the transition.

The study authors estimate that within four years, 38 percent of Americans could see their coverage interrupted four times or more every year.

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