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Astrologist Uses Horoscope as Weight-Loss Tool

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Horoscopes usually forecast the future, offering love or career advice in just a few sentences.  But could they actually help you lose weight?  Sharon Ward, an astrologist with over 20 years experience, believes that a horoscope can reveal more than whether your relationship will last.  She believes it offers the key to weight loss.

“Astrology works on the premise that when you are emotionally balanced and happy then you are physically well and healthy and vice versa,” writes Ward on her website.

“Medical astrology holds the key to re-balancing our bodily systems and bringing to us a greater sense of health and well being. We each have a Moon sign, just as we have a Sun sign. The Moon governs the inner self and the emotions and as we often use food as a response to life’s stresses and strains, it makes sense to find out where our weaknesses lie and what types of food are best for us according to our Moon Sign.”

Here are a few of her horoscope-guided tips:

Aquarius:  Ward recommends foods high in vitamin B or taking a supplement.  “Many healthy foods contain these, however a B complex supplement, which contains a balance of all the B vitamins, is often a good idea to ensure an adequate intake.”

Pisces:  “Water is very healing for you and highly beneficial, whether it is ensuring that you drink enough on a daily basis, or bathing or swimming in it – it will help calm and soothe you and restore your inner balance,” writes Ward.  She suggests avoiding foods that increase water retention like excessive salt or alcohol.

Capricorn:  Ward emphasizes that this sign needs extra calcium from foods like cheese, sardines and green vegetables.

Sagittarius:  Vitamin B6 and chromium are what Ward advises for Sagittarians.  “Foods that contain this are meat, fish, potatoes, bananas and legumes, such as dried beans, peas, lentils and soy products.”

Leo:  Ward recommends exercise for Leos:  “You probably have a slow to average metabolic rate and so need a fair amount of exercise to balance out those large portions.”

Gemini:  Gemini’s should eat foods that contain B12, such as “liver, red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products.”

Aries:  “Avoid caffeine, as this may raise the blood pressure and/or create headaches – it also increases adrenaline which could make you a little irritable,” she suggests.

Virgo:  B1 is what Ward suggests for the nervous system:  “marmite, liver and whole grains. Egg yolk, potatoes, peas, oranges and often fortified breakfast cereals.”

Scorpio:  Hi-fiber diets are recommended for Scorpio’s to clean out their colons.  Ward suggests foods like wheat germ, oat or rice bran.

Cancer:  Ward suggests foods with potassium for Cancer signs such as “spinach, bananas, tomatoes red pepper, peaches, apricots, radish, papaya and red wine, (the last one in moderation please!)”

Taurus:  “Steer clear of food that contains added sugar (always check the labels, you’d be amazed how much is added to processed foods) and try to cut down on the heavy carbohydrates and red meat,” she warns Taurus signs.

Libra:  Ward advises cutting out added sugar, “Just like your Taurus Moon siblings, you also need to limit your sugar intake, or cut it out altogether.”

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