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Former Police Officer Claims Zoloft Made Him "Unconscious" During Attack

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A former police officer accused of kidnapping and raping a 25-year-old waitress in 2010 will be allowed to use the Zoloft defense, a California judge ruled Thursday, claiming he was mentally "unconscious" during the attack because of the antidepressant.

Anthony Nicholas Orban is accused of abducting the woman at gunpoint and making her drive to a storage facility before the attack, the Los Angeles Times reported. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

"But for the use of Zoloft, Mr. Orban would not have committed these acts," Orban's attorney James Blatt told the Times. "Here you have a police officer and former Marine who for the last 10 years has been dedicated to protecting his country and protecting his community. ... This was totally out of character."

A spokesman for Pfizer, the company that makes Zoloft, said in a statement: "There is extensive science supporting the safety and efficacy of Zoloft, and the medicine carries accurate, science-based and FDA-approved information on its benefits and risks."

The drug does carry warnings to call a health care provider if users begin "acting aggressive or violent" or "acting on dangerous impulses."

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