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Birth Order Matters, Even When It Comes to Allergies

George Doyle/Stockbyte(KYOTO, Japan) -- If you are the oldest of your siblings you may be more likely to suffer from particular allergic conditions, according to a new study by Kyoto University.

Researchers conducted a survey asking parents of more than 13,000 children between the ages of 7-15 whether their kids suffered from food allergies. The data was then examined and the incidence of each allergic disease was compared with birth order.

The study found that food allergies decreased as birth order increased. They found a 4 percent likelihood that the first born suffered from allergic conditions, followed by 3.5 percent in second born children and 2.6 percent for children born later.

It is important to note that food allergies are not the same as food intolerance, which can be developed at any age and has no respect for birth order.

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