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Study: Maggots May Speed Large Wound Cleaning

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(CAEN, France) -- Maggots may be a source of relief for patients with large wounds, according to French researchers.

When doctors clean large wounds, they typically use enzymes or scalpels. A new study, however, found that maggots may offer a faster solution to removing dead tissue.

Researchers with leg ulcers were subjected to maggot therapy twice a week. The study compared the maggot treatment with the more conventional method, and found that the maggot patients were far cleaner.

While the maggots were more effective in cleaning the wounds, the study said that ultimately there was no difference in the speed of healing over the course of the study.

The maggot patients, who were blindfolded, did not report any sensations that made their skin crawl.

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