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Study: Kids Well Being Related to Their Work Environment

Steve Mason/Thinkstock(COLLEGE PARK, Md.) -- A new study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior finds that children in classrooms with inadequate material resources such as stationery, heat and child-friendly furniture exhibit more mental health problems than students in classrooms without these issues.

The authors, from the University of Maryland, interviewed teachers and parents of 11,000 first graders and analyzed the effect of classroom environments on the child’s attentiveness, their likelihood of getting into fights, forming friendships and feelings of sadness. The results: children in classrooms with inadequate resources experienced worse mental health across all four measures.

The authors conclude that many aspects of the learning environment are related to a child’s mental health.

However, this study was entirely based on the teacher’s perspective of the child. Furthermore, the home environment may also affect whether a child gets into fights and forms friendships.

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