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What Chore Do Parents Hate Most?

Polka Dot/JupiterImages(NEW YORK) -- No one really enjoys doing household chores, but there are some tasks that are more hated than others.  A survey commissioned by CLR cleaning products ranks cleaning the bathroom as the chore most-hated by parents.

Here are the top five most-hated chores for parents:

  1. Cleaning the Bathroom
  2. Washing Dishes
  3. Doing Laundry
  4. Cleaning the Kitchen
  5. Tidying up the Bedroom

The survey also found that children agree with mom and dad that those chores are annoying, but the kids add one more of their own: taking out the garbage.

The CLR survey involved 2,500 American adults and 253 American children between the ages of 12 and 17.

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