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How ICU Patients Can Block Out the Noise and Confusion

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(ANTWERP, Belgium) -- On top of all their other problems, hospital patients who spend time in the intensive care unit often have a difficult time getting to sleep because of delirium or confusion caused by their surroundings.

Mainly, patients stuck in the ICU complain that interruptions such as phones ringing and people talking are primarily responsible for them failing to get any shuteye.

However, researchers from the University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital seem to have come across a solution that has already worked for millions of people and it doesn't involve medication: Earplugs.

The confusion or delirium experienced by ICU patients was reduced by 50 percent when they were given earplugs to help block out noise.  What's more, most of the earplug wearers reported a better night's sleep than patients who didn't use them.

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Loud Noise Can Be a Killer 

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) -- A new study reveals that persistently loud noises, such as are heard in mining, lumbering and wood product manufacturing, can double or possibly triple a worker’s risk of heart disease over an 18-month span compared to those who enjoy quieter surroundings.

Adding to the risk of heart trouble is that the average age of those involved in the study were men around the age of 40 who tended to be heavier and smoked tobacco, factors that contribute to hypertension and heart problems.

What the researchers from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver learned is that being exposed to loud noise over a period of time is akin to stress that's associated with strong, sudden emotions.

Their recommendation is for workplaces to consider more effective ways of noise control and for individuals to protect themselves from exposure to excessive noise.

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